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"On The Line"

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A documentary film by Bonny Judiciaël Anoman following a group of dedicated Stanford students - from California to Burkina Faso working with a community implementing innovative local clean energy solutions



Meet the filmmaker

Bonny interviews Boureima Kabre in Burkina Faso for the film "On The Line"

Bonny interviews Boureima Kabre in Burkina Faso for the film "On The Line"

Bonny grew up in Paris and studied film at Paris 8 University.  His films respond to the misrepresentation of marginalized communities by the French media and document movements for social justice.

The largest uprising against police brutality in modern French history took place in 2005. 

No Justice - No Peace!

No Justice - No Peace!

After the uprising, Bonny decided to buy a camera to record the truth about the uprising from the point of view of the people living in marginalized communities.

His first documentary film "Justice Pour Lamba" told the story of a childhood friend, Lamba Soukouna who was brutally assaulted by the police.

Dena Montague asked Bonny why he decided to make the film "On The Line"

"As a French person originally from Ivory Coast, I deeply care about Africa. Like a great deal of people in my position, I believe in getting involved in changing the Continent's economic and social situation particularly with its wealth and natural resources

My question was - Where and how shall I start to be effective?  

ÉnergieRich's projects answered my question!

Builders are those who strive to build good foundations for a larger group. It is obvious to me that ÉnergieRich are taking on a builder role in Burkina Faso and in Africa.  

I am more than honored and proud to be working on this venture as a documentary filmmaker and thus witnessing this proactive initiative which I hope will spark thousands of others bringing back Africa's dignity and greatness."

Meet the Team

As part of EnergieRich’s Mission we harness the intellectual capacity of the African Diaspora for innovative and progressive community development.  The Incubator Project is a partnership between ÉnergieRich and students and faculty from Stanford Society of Black Scientists and Engineers (SBSE) to design and build a prototype solar powered poultry egg incubator.  The team introduced the prototype incubator to the community of Koupela, Burkina Faso in July 2017.  We continue to improve the functionality of the incubator. 

Find out about this extraordinary SBSE team.  They all recently graduated from Stanford yet remain engaged in the work.  They are currently helping to onboard a second cohort of SBSE students to continue this challenging work. 

Your donations allow us to continue the Incubator Project – Bridging Engineering and Social Justice.

Stewart Isaacs

Stewart Isaacs

Stewart is a graduate student studying Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. His current research is on electrofuels, an alternative transportation fuel with the potential to reduce carbon emissions to net zero while storing excess energy produced from renewable sources. Stewart's interest in the project stems from his objective to leverage his engineering skills to uplift Diasporic and underprivileged communities. He believes adequate transportation and energy access can empower communities with greater economic and food security. Working with EnergieRich to develop the solar powered poultry egg incubator has been his most significant and rewarding engineering experience to date. He hopes the team's efforts will leave a positive impact on the community, and he seeks to continue similar engineering work throughout his career 

Bianka Quintanilla-Whye

Bianka Quintanilla-Whye

Bianka is a graduate from the San Francisco Bay Area, with a degree from Stanford with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. For years she has been dedicated to service, both locally and globally, focusing on youth and working with and empowering communities of color. Working on the Solar Powered Egg Incubator has been an enriching experience combining her passion for engineering and service. Now, she is an Engineering Technician working at Adecco, onsite with Google X. She loves exercising creativity and is excited to be working on top secret projects!

Nosakhare   Edoimioya

Nosakhare Edoimioya

Nosakhare is a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His current research interests are in additive manufacturing and he is currently working on developing control algorithms to improve the quality and speed of low-cost desktop 3D printers. He hopes his research will reduce the cost of 3D printers, while increasing the quality of parts created with these machines, enabling access to this technology for widespread use. Andrew's interest in the solar-powered incubator project stems from his desire to use engineering and academia as tools to provide solutions to urgent global problems. He hopes that his work will have an impact on disadvantaged and under-served Black communities globally. 

Paul Watkins  works on the incubator prototype in Koupela, Burkina Faso

Paul Watkins works on the incubator prototype in Koupela, Burkina Faso

Paul is originally from Ferguson, Missouri.  He received his B.S. from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering.  Paul is the Founder and CEO of Ayce Labs

Nathaniel Agharese

Nathaniel Agharese

Nathaniel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford to further his knowledge in mechanical systems, robotics and control systems.  Nathaniel hopes to use this knowledge to create devices that can aide in disaster relief and improve living standards on a global level.

Stanford Society of Black Scientist and Engineers - Solar Portable Lamp Prototype - 2019

Solar Lamp prototype.jpg