Boureima Kabre, Co-Founder has over twenty years of experience working in rural development in his home country, Burkina Faso.  Raised in rural Burkina Faso, Mr. Kabre understands first hand the challenges faced by communities in rural areas.  Committed to implementing strategies for sustainable development, Mr. Kabre founded Burkina Énergie & Technologies Appropriées.  He is well known in his community of Kourittenga Province and throughout Burkina Faso for his tireless work empowering rural communities through the use of renewable energy.  He established the first solar powered internet cafe in his region, which employs and trains members from the community.  Mr. Kabre has written many detailed socio-economic studies on the use of energy and potential of energy access in rural areas of Burkina Faso used to support the work of international development agencies including USAID.  Mr. Kabre was honored by Powéo of France for his important work for renewable energy with their 2009 Grand Prize.  Mr. Kabre holds a Master 2 in Social Sciences and Economics from Institut Catholique de Paris.

Dena Montague, Co-Founder earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA and a B.A. from Brown University.    Prior to her doctoral studies she was a Research Associate at the World Policy Institute where she analyzed questions concerning the impact of extractive sector management on democracy, development and human rights in Africa. Her published articles can be found in magazines and journals including, The SAIS Review of International Affairs and Brown Journal of World Affairs.  Dr. Montague has conducted research in several African countries including Nigeria, Niger and The Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as extensive research in Paris.  She was a Marshall Memorial Fellow with the German Marshall Fund.  She was a Postdoctoral Scholar at Duke University.  She is currently a Research Associate at University of California, Santa Barbara with the Center for Black Studies Research.  Dr. Montague is a documentary filmmaker.  She was a 2015 Bay Area Video Coalition National MediaMaker Fellow.

We welcome our newest colleague, Aimé N'Tsiangana.  

Aimé, is based in Paris, France. 

Recognizing the importance of artists in innovative design and social justice we are thrilled to welcome Aimé to spearhead our Diaspora STEAM (STEM + Art) initiative.  He will recruit artists and engineers of the Diaspora living in France, to collaborate with US and Africa based engineers and artists.  

Aimé N'Tsiangana, is an artist, poet and political activist from Paris.  He studied Sociology and Linguistics at the Sorbonne.  He works as a journalist at Radio FPP for a program focused on colonialism and its aftermath.  Aimé directs poetry workshops for young people from difficult neighborhoods in the Paris area. His poetry is influenced by the artistic traditions of Congo; his Guadeloupean mentor, Guy Konket, initiator of the gwo ka movement (percussions marking strong African musical traditions in the Caribbean - influencing liberation movements in Guadeloupe during the 1970s); and classical French writers, François Villon, Verlaine and Baudelaire.